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Interior Designer

Criya has allowed me to focus on the things I love about my business. No more endless spreadsheets, proposals, or tracking payments, it’s all in one place! My clients love how easily they can schedule a call or book a design package. It’s a game changer for any creative business.
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Social Media Marketer

I have a “creative” brain that needs help managing my small businesses. I get so caught up in helping my clients that I can easily forget to send invoices on time or onboard them correctly. Built-in lead capture, retainers, auto invoices have made running my business so much more efficient!
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Virtual Designer

My Criya studio is perfect - showcases my services and it instantly converts my leads into clients. Criya is a game changer in how I run my business. It’s so easy and fast to set up & lets me solely focus on my clients and their project. It’s the assistant I wish I had years ago!
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