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Criya Digital Sales Room: Innovate How you Sell

July 11, 2024

The digital era  has fundamentally changed how businesses approach sales. Today's buyers expect personalized experiences, and traditional sales tactics often fall short. Enter Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) - virtual spaces that transform buyer interactions and empower you to close deals faster. Criya's DSRs, powered by cutting-edge AI, go beyond basic features to become the ultimate personalization machine for your sales team.

What are Digital Sales Rooms?

Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) are essentially virtual portals that consolidate all the resources a potential buyer might need to assess your product or service.  Imagine a webpage specifically designed for each prospect, containing relevant information tailored to their needs and interests. This eliminates the need to send scattered emails or links and provides a one-stop shop for the buyer's journey.

What are Criya Digital Sales Rooms?

Imagine a dedicated online environment for each prospect, brimming with relevant content and tailored to their unique needs. Criya's DSRs act as your personalized sales workspace, where you can:

  • Showcase Value with Multimedia: Integrate captivating videos, presentations, and product demos to grab attention and keep prospects engaged.

  • Effortless Personalization: Leverage Criya's AI to craft unique content tailored to each prospect's industry, challenges, and interests. No more one-size-fits-all sales pitches!

  • Seamless Collaboration: Work together with colleagues and access valuable sales resources, all within the DSR platform for a streamlined workflow.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Gain real-time insights into prospect behavior and content performance, allowing you to continuously optimize your sales approach.

Why Use Digital Sales Rooms?

  • Increased Engagement: By providing a central location for all relevant information, DSRs keep prospects engaged and focused on your offering.

  • Improved Tracking: Criya tracks how prospects interact with your DSR, allowing you to see what content resonates and identify areas for improvement.

  • Faster Sales Cycles: Streamlining the information gathering process can lead to quicker buying decisions.

  • Personalized Communication: DSRs allow you to tailor content to each prospect's specific needs and interests.

  • Consistent Branding: Criya ensures your DSRs maintain your company's brand voice and tone.

  • Reduced Busywork: AI-powered content generation saves your sales reps time and effort.

How Digital Sales Rooms Align with the Buyer Journey

The buyer journey is no longer linear. Prospects research, engage, and make decisions across multiple channels. Criya's DSRs seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing and sales tools, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience at every touchpoint. Here's how Criya empowers you to align with each stage:

  • Lead Generation & Qualification: Capture valuable prospect data during interactions. Criya's AI analyzes this data to suggest relevant content and personalize outreach strategies for higher conversion rates.

  • Content Delivery & Prospecting: Ditch generic brochures! Create targeted landing pages within your DSRs featuring personalized content based on prospect needs and interests. Track engagement metrics to identify high-value leads.

  • Needs Assessment & Presentations: Craft interactive presentations with Criya's AI. Showcase solutions that directly address prospect challenges, leveraging real-time data to tailor your pitch and answer questions effectively.

  • Objection Handling & Closing: Empower your sales team with a knowledge base of objection-handling resources within the DSR. Leverage Criya's data insights to predict potential objections and tailor closing arguments for a smoother deal flow.

How to Use Criya Digital Sales Rooms:

1. Getting Started (Simple Setup):

  • Our team will assist you in setting up your Criya profile and integrating your brand identity within minutes.

  • Build your central repository (Knowledge Base) with essential sales content like product brochures, case studies, and white papers. Criya can even help you jumpstart this process.

2. Craft Your Personalized DSR (Fast & Easy):

  • Choose from pre-built templates to get started quickly.

  • Customize them with your logo, colors, and personalized content generated by Criya's AI based on prospect information you provide.

  • The more details you give the AI (e.g., industry, buyer needs), the more targeted and effective the content will be.

3. Share and Track Engagement (Actionable Insights):

  • Generate unique shareable links or QR codes for easy access to your DSRs.

  • Track prospect engagement and content performance within the DSR's analytics dashboard to gain valuable insights.

  • Use these insights to understand prospect interests and tailor your sales approach accordingly.

Criya vs. The Competition: Key Differentiators

While DSRs offer numerous benefits, Criya's AI sets us apart:

Effortless Personalization at Scale: Criya's AI automates personalized content creation across your DSRs, saving time and resources while crafting deeply relevant experiences for every prospect.

Seamless Integration: Integrate Criya with your CRM, marketing automation platform, and other sales tools for a unified workflow. Eliminate data silos and ensure all interactions are tracked for a complete customer view.

Frictionless User Experience: Criya's intuitive platform boasts a user-friendly interface, minimizing setup time  and training needs with our cutting edge Auto-designer. Your sales team can focus on building relationships and closing deals, not wrestling with complex technology.

Digital Sales Room Best Practices 

Here are additional tips to maximize the effectiveness of Criya's DSRs:

Content Curation & Governance: Establish clear guidelines for content creation and approval. Leverage Criya's AI to curate high-quality content from various sources, ensuring consistent brand messaging and compliance with company standards.


A/B Testing: Don't settle for assumptions! Utilize Criya's A/B testing capabilities to optimize DSR elements like layouts, CTAs, and content formats for maximum engagement.

Security & Compliance: Criya prioritizes data security. Ensure your DSRs comply with industry regulations and give prospects peace of mind when sharing sensitive information.

The Future of Sales is Personalized and Powered by AI

In today's competitive landscape, personalization is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity. Criya's AI-driven Digital Sales Rooms empower you to:

  • Craft exceptional buyer experiences that resonate with each prospect, fostering stronger relationships and trust.

  • Close deals faster with a streamlined, data-driven, and hyper-personalized sales approach.

  • Achieve sustainable sales growth by leveraging data insights to continuously refine your strategies and maximize results.

See how Criya can close deals faster and personalize your sales process. View Our Demo today!


Deb Dutta

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