Deb Dutta

3 Steps To Start A Blog, And Six-figure Income Stream

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Oct 20th 2022

Have you been thinking about starting a blog?

You're not alone. Blogging is one of the fastest-growing trends in social media and internet marketing. And it's for good reason: it can be an incredible platform for your business and brand if you know how to use it right.

But what if you don't have the time or energy to start a blog right now? Or what if you've already got a blog but aren't sure how to turn it into a revenue stream?

That's where we come in. We'll teach you how to generate a six-figure revenue stream from your blog (even if you haven't started blogging yet).

We're going to show you how to make a six-figure revenue stream from your blog, even if you haven't started blogging yet.

We've all heard the stories of bloggers who quit their day jobs and earned millions of dollars in a short period of time. But what's the secret? How do they do it? It's actually not that complicated. The key is to start with a business model that's proven to work.

The first step is to choose a topic for your blog

—one that people are interested in. Then, look for other blogs on that topic and see what they're doing well (and what they're missing). You can use this info as inspiration as you build your own blog from scratch or tweak an existing one to fit your needs.

Next, create content with the goal of attracting readers

and keeping them coming back for more. One way to do this is by creating content that serves as an educational resource on your chosen topic(s). Another way is by creating engaging stories about real people who have used whatever product/service you're selling (or would like others to buy).

Finally, monetize!

Some ways we recommend doing this include affiliate marketing (whereby you recommend products or services from other companies.

But even more powerful way would be - Monetize your blog with services and courses!

You are a content creator. You have created a blog, you write articles, you post them on social media, and your audience loves it.

The only problem is that you don't make any money from it. You're not getting sponsored posts or paid product reviews… yet. But you want to be able to monetize your content somehow.

Well, we have the answer for you: Services and courses!

Services are things like guest posts, sponsored tweets or Instagram posts, product reviews, etc. They can be done in exchange for payment or in exchange for free products/services/other compensation (such as an affiliate link).

Courses are lessons or guides that teach people how to do something specific—like how to write an effective blog post or how to start a business. Courses can be sold online or offline through physical products like books or ebooks. They can also be sold online through your very own Criya store - and using our entire marketing and client management platform, you need to look no where else!

Whether you are just starting out with your blog or you have been blogging for years, it's good to be aware of how blogging can now act as an additional source income in your life. Because our main objective at Criya is to help you monetize, we understand how frustrating it is to run a website or blog not getting enough traffic. With Criya you will be able to attract highly targeted traffic to your funnel, and have them instantly understand your value and flood your pipeline! That frees you up to focus on the things you love doing.