Annika Sharma

3 Takeaways from Kathleen Heaney Podcast

Grow your business
Sep 5th 2022

The Criya podcast is back! Criya allows its users’ creative spirits to shine brighter while managing their businesses in under 15 minutes!

And this week’s guest blew our minds. Kathleen Heaney is a digital creator specializing in podcasting, graphic & motion design, photo & video editing, social media management, and illustration. She hails from New Jersey where she lives in Hoboken with her husband and two super adorable cats. You might also know her from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show where she was the Digital Director for 8-years…and as the host of phenomenal podcast An Acquired Taste, which she hosts with fellow creator Bethany.‍

Kathleen had a ton of valuable information to share, particularly about full-time podcasting and owning a small business, but just in case you need some takeaways, we’ve got you covered!

You have the answers about what your passions are…and what you can monetize!

Take a look at your career and note the common thread. Do you love people? Do you thrive off the feeling of making someone’s day easier? Maybe you love reaching a sales goal. Whatever it may be, you’ll probably find it being the common element amongst all your job and life experiences. It’s worth exploring to turn into a career! For Kathleen, she loved using her voice on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to connect with listeners, brighten their day, and connect…and she took that talent to her own podcast, An Acquired Taste, to do it her way. Now, she runs a full-time business…and she runs it through Criya, like so many other creatives.

Trust that your audience will come on your journey with you.

You may not have any idea what you’re doing, but seek their feedback as a member of your team…they will act like it and support you! With podcasting, in Kathleen’s case, she found that one listener will turn into two and then turn into ten. Have your audience be a part of your success by passing on the word, having access to exclusives, and reminding them that they are a part of your ride as a small business. Nobody succeeds without help – give and receive it willingly and trust the partnership you’re building with your audience.‍

Figure out your structure and stick to it.

Don’t be afraid of trial-and-error to find the formula that works with your business – that might even include allowing your audience to see your vulnerabilities. Every business, every audience, and every method that works to reach them is different and your formula is unique to your value proposition, your brand voice, and your problem-solving.

Kathleen’s episode drops on Friday…are you ready? In the meantime, if you’re interested in speaking with her regarding podcasting and how to get started, her studio is available on Criya.