Deb Dutta

4 ways to manage stress as an entrepreneur

Female Founder Secrets
Aug 2nd 2022

In today’s hustle culture, it’s almost societally ingrained in us how resting is unacceptable. However, the more we go about running our business, we realize how important it is to practice rest! Today we are going to give you four tips on how to refresh yourself.

Designate Work Time and Leisure Time

We need to give ourselves grace to not have to work 24/7. We are allowed to enjoy the life we work so hard for! Establishing times and blocks to dedicate to work allows us to hone in on what we need to focus on. On the other hand, making time for leisure activities and hobbies gives us a pleasurable outlet for us to look forward to. It’s a time for us to reset and do something for ourselves that releases endorphins and relieves stress.‍


We have been hearing how sleep is so important to us since we were kids, and the truth is - we need sleep! Some benefits of sleep include: improving our mood, mental function, immunity and reducing stress! As a result of being busy and conquering workloads, we often neglect sleep and put it on the back burner. This is a reminder to prioritize sleep especially on your days/weeks of rest.

Time to Reflect

Setting aside time to reflect is a perfect way to just rest and be present with ourselves. In this time, we open ourselves to creativity, ideas, reflections, and revelations for our business or even individually. Times of reflection allow for more space to be made in our mind since our life can be consumed with so many distractions.

Take a Vacation

A change of setting or pace is sometimes the medicine we need when it comes to rest. Sometimes it takes us being out of our normal environment and daily routine for us to actually come to rest. The pressures of everyday business life can get stressful and overwhelming and a vacation is a good way to not only treat ourselves, but it allows us to sleep more and give our brain a rest from work.