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Sep 20th 2021

Visualize the studio

Katy's Studio
Stunning Funnel, Mobile & Desktop friendly
"I offer the same services over and over - and literally had to send emails to every single agency, brand and client, over and over. I'd never get paid on time, I wasn't sure what contracts were signed and how I was going from one project to another. Thanks to a fully simplified and streamlined system - not only do I now offer a professional website to showcase my services and pricing, I manage my entire payments, bookings, leads and projects through my one single studio. Criya is worth every penny!"‍
- Katy, Copywriter

1. Flood your pipeline

Get started for free
  • Link-in-bio Funnel: with Criya's mobile-friendly linktree like Storefront
  • Discovery Calls: Offer FREE / paid consultations
  • Landing pages: Package your Services with 1-click checkout.
  • Contact Form: with Email list builder
  • Appointment Scheduling: Setup availability, get booked & send invites
Gorgeous Landing page, CTA & Payments

Scheduling appointment, collect deposits

2. Get booked, Get paid

Try Criya for free
  • Pricing templates: Curated for various business niches.
  • Custom proposals: Quick & easy quotes with built in payments.
  • Collect Deposits: No more No-Shows & chasing after clients
  • 1-click Payments: Instant payments - from Deposits & full checkout
  • Invoicing: built into your system
Easily view deposit paid, Invoice balance

View all your clients, payments, order status-

3. Common sense Workflows

Start 30-day trial
  • Booking->Contracts->Signatures->Payments in 1 flow: Game changer. No more back and forth, separate emails for signatures, invoices etc.
  • Appointment Reminders: Auto-send 24 hr, 48 hr and 1 week reminders.
  • Auto-generate Invoices: Auto-calculate the outstanding balance & send invoice with 1 click
  • Client management: All clients, orders, invoices, payments, emails, leads - all in one place.
  • Automated follow ups:  Setup Welcome + Onboarding email
  • Send personalized "Thank you for booking my service"
  • Send personalized "Fill my Onboarding Questionnaire"
  • Send personalized "Thank you for your inquiry".
  • Send personalized "You're on to my list!"
Collect signatures with Bookings & Proposals

Built-in Invoicing tool