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Facing burnout and stress? Try these mental health resolutions to build a life you dream of

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Jul 12th 2022

Burnout and stress are common in today’s time but your mental health is the most important tool to building a sustainable life and business. Here are four things to keep mental exhaustion at bay.

The terms burnout and mental health have been around for a while now.

You may have the perfect job. The dream job.


You may have the perfect partner or the perfect set of friends and family.

And yet you feel a sense of anxiety which makes you feel like everything is spiraling down—been there? Well, let’s admit -  we all have. Been there, done that. As an entrepreneur, some days can become very lonely. Burnout and stress are for real. Moreover, as women, we try to fit in so many things in our daily life and try to ace all the roles including that of being a mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, wife, the founder of a $10K business, or a $1 million business, and the list just goes on!

Additionally, the last few years have not been easy on the macro-economic level. The humanitarian crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and war have also added to our woes.

So if you are experiencing some such thing.....relax! We have curated a list of things (some of which you already must be following!) to keep mental exhaustion at bay.

Prioritize sleep

Did you know that according to reports, 35 percent of adults in the US don’t get enough sleep?

Sleep should be your go-to method if you are looking at pressing the refresh button. From helping to regain energy to maintaining weight, getting 7-8 hours' worth of sleep has several scientifically-backed benefits. Moreover, what might surprise you is that Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, bets on atleast 8 hours of sleep to keep himself going.

[I] need eight hours. I think better. I have more energy. My mood is better,” the billionaire revealed in 2018. Additionally, you can also try some deep sleep meditation techniques.

So don’t be afraid to switch off the alarm whenever you feel it’s time!

Listening to yourself

Your heart, your gut feeling, or your intuition is your biggest ally. Moreover, our body has an unusual, almost magical way of responding to pleasant or unpleasant things. However, tendencies like low confidence, self-esteem issues, overthinking, and past traumas always come in the way. Isn’t it?

Research shows that some of the best decisions are made by listening to your inner voice. As an entrepreneur, you might not have the time to crunch numbers, stats, and data all the time and this is where your intuition comes to your rescue.

It is easier said than done but try switching off your phone for half an hour and meditate. Connect with your deeper self. Practise mindfulness. At this moment, what is your mind telling you? What is your body telling you?

Remember, listening to yourself is a revolutionary act that empowers you in ways you cannot even imagine.

Seek help

One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that you MUST have it all together at all times or seeking help deems you less-than-perfect and weak.

At any given point if you feel mentally drained, go and get help. Don’t hesitate. Talking to friends or speaking to a professional therapist (whoever you feel more comfortable opening to upto) take a step forward. These small steps can make a huge difference in your life!

Make a list!

Deboshree Dutta, the founder of Criya, is a first-generation immigrant who came to the US from India to study Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. As someone who worked with the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, and Paypal, and then built her own business, she has seen numerous ups and downs. “Personally, for me, it started to get quite real when I needed to stay motivated & focused on building value for my customer, hiring & coaching my team, establishing trust & culture, while addressing shareholder expectations and trying to live a normal life - such as exercising, dinner with family, etc,” she reveals. Several practices kept her going and we decided to list some of them for you!

  • TMIT - The Most Important Thing. Deb says she swears by it. It’s harder than thought but works wonders for her!
  • The Pomodoro Method. From an investor’s deck to a blog, this one hack has helped her get through several tasks.
  • Step away to do something you like taking your dog for a walk.
  • Having dedicated days for different functions.
  • Exercising and medication. The time you spend with yourself is most precious. Be unabashed about spending hours to get your mental and physical health in order!

Today, Deb is helping ambitious women throughout the world take the leap and kickstart their businesses today. She also got featured on Forbes!

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