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How mastering Facebook Ads can help you grow your business

Grow your business
May 2nd 2022

With more than two billion users on the platform, it is not difficult to fathom why small entrepreneurs cling to this platform to grow their businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are that by now you must have realized the importance of digital marketing and social media to grow your business.

According to several experts, social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach out to a wider demographic.

But for an entrepreneur understanding how to leverage social media, especially, Facebook (now known as Meta) Ads, can become a bit challenging.

Can you relate?

It could be quite worrisome! Isn’t it? But don’t worry! This week we are here to help you master this tool

So let’s dive right in and understand how Facebook Ads could become a game changer for your business -

Choose and define your audience

To streamline your ads it is important to clearly define your audience based on various factors such as age, interests, educational qualifications, income levels, and more. Facebook Ads’ Audience Insights is a great tool for you to collate this data.

This is one of the most effective ways to get an insight into consumer patterns, generate leads, increase repeat customer percentages, and most importantly, create a custom audience.

Position yourself the right way

With more than two billion active users, we know why Facebook is a great tool for your business. However, let’s ensure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste! After all, we are spending hours to make things happen….right? So, to avoid this, let’s look at digital marketeer, Nicholas Kusmich’s feel-felt-found formula.

Feel - The surest way to get eyeballs for your ad is to create something your audience can relate to. A good start would be to identify and clearly convey the pain point you are addressing.

Felt - This is the bridge that gaps how you have felt about a particular problem and how you would like to solve it.

Found - This aspect of messaging focuses on how your business is solving it (the gap) through a particular product or service.

Check guidelines for advertisers

Did you know that weight management or diet products cannot be promoted on Facebook? And if you do, you might get penalised for it?

It is imperative to be abreast with Facebook’s compliance policies so as to ensure your creativity and hard work in making those ads don’t go down the drain.

There are several guidelines related to arms and ammunition, promotion of tobacco, controversial content, etc. To ensure you don’t miss out on these small things, give them a read by clicking here.

Reaching people near you

Once you create an ad on Facebook don’t forget to set your target location through the ‘Reach People Near You’ tool. This tool will help you to map out the area where you want the ad to be targeted and contribute to customer engagement. Facebook puts your office address by default and it is up to to you to change it or alter it by mentioning the miles.

Go live!

Facebook ads give myriad options for you to market your product or company. A tool to leverage a sizeable audience is through events, especially, Facebook lives and stream-in ads. This tool can help you get feedback in real-time and also spark conversations with your existing and potential customers.

However, a word of caution here…

Make sure you have stable internet and good streaming bandwidth.

Additionally, Facebook also urges people to prioritise longer videos (3 mins and more). For Live broadcasts, the longer you are live, the more likely people are to discover and invite their friends on Facebook to watch the video.

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