Deb Dutta

How To Get Your First Client Using Cold Email

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Oct 21st 2022

Cold outreach is a great way to get your small business in front of people who might be interested in what you have to offer. It's also a good way to get practice pitching your product or service, so you can do it more confidently when you're ready. But it can be overwhelming - whether that is a cold email, DM or call. Here's how to do cold outreach for your small business.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you get started, you need to know who you're talking to and why they want to hear from you. Figure out who your target audience is and what they need from a cold outreach email. This will help you write a compelling subject line and message that will stick with the reader long enough for them to take action.

2. Build Your Prospects List

Create a list of potential prospects—people who might be interested in what you have to offer—based on the type of product/service that you offer, who would benefit from it most (i.e., why should they buy?), and if they could afford your offer.

Narrow it down to 5-10 people at most. Use a system like Criya to add to your prospects list which automatically synchs to Gmail. Make sure this list is well-diversified so that you don't just reach out to people who are exactly like you (unless, of course, that's what you're aiming for!).

Think about what kind of response rate you want from this kind of email—you might want it to result in an immediate sale or just a meeting or phone call where you can talk about your business and see if there's any interest from their side (or both!).

3. Get Their Attention

Find out where these prospects are online and contact them directly through email or social media messaging service like Messenger or WhatsApp. Do not spam! Be personal and genuine in every interaction; if there's something specific about their background or interests that seems like it would appeal more strongly to them than others on the list then highlight that so they can relate more easily with what you're saying

You'll want to grab the reader's attention right away by showing them how their lives will be better after reading your message. You can do this by using numbers or quotes from credible sources (like an industry leader). Don't use too many words: keep it short, sweet, and focused on solving their problem!

4. Provide Value

The main idea of this email should be something that benefits the reader in some way—whether it's a discount code or helpful information about how they can make their life better through the use of your product or service. This shows that you care about them as people and not just as sales targets!

Use a call-to-action that encourages them to take action right away (e.g., "let's set up that meeting"). This will help make sure they remember the email when they get back from vacation or their inbox is overflowing again next week! If they respond with interest, follow up with a phone call or in-person meeting.

Cold outreach is one of the best ways to grow an email list, especially if there's not much of a user base for you to pull from. Cold outreach has been one of the most successful ways for small businesses to expand their networks of contacts and build their reputation. It's also a great way to make connections with customers and get feedback on a new product or service. But in order to take advantage of the benefits of cold outreach, businesses need to be willing to put the time and effort into the process of identifying leads and making contact.