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How to manifest on paper to start a life coaching business

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Nov 9th 2022

I've always been a bit of a manifesting fanatic. I read books on the subject, participate in online forums, and spend an awful lot of time making lists—and all because I'm convinced that writing down your desires helps you achieve them more quickly. Maybe it's not as simple as writing them down, though. Maybe there are certain techniques that can help manifesting come even more easily:

Write it down

The act of writing down your goals and aspirations is very important in the manifestation process. The brain does not differentiate between reality and imagination, so when you write out your goal as if it has already happened, it activates the same areas of the brain that would be activated if this did indeed happen. By writing out your goals, you are essentially training your unconscious mind to focus on achieving them.

When I worked with clients who were struggling with manifesting their dreams (or even just getting off the couch), we used to do a lot of visualization exercises where we would write down their goals and then imagine themselves achieving them as if they were already real. This allowed them to visualize what their lives would look like once they had achieved their goals by using creative visualizations such as "I am now living in an amazing apartment," or "I have just finished my first book about..." These types of exercises can be very powerful because our minds tend to believe everything we tell ourselves whether it's true or not!

Put a date on it

If you're going to manifest, put a date on it. Pick out a day in the future and tell yourself that your goal will be met by then. This will help keep you focused and motivated because it's something to look forward to, but also gives you some time to prepare yourself in advance.

For example: "I'm going to launch my life coaching business by July 1st." This can be just about anything that's important to you—you don't have to pick an arbitrary date if it doesn't work for you! Maybe instead of booking 10 clientsl by July 1st, maybe it would be more realistic for you if instead said: "By June 30th I'm going to launch my website and start advertising on social media." Or maybe even more realistic than that would be: "By March 20th I'm going to finish outlining all my packages for life coaching" Whatever works best for your schedule (and what makes sense given how much time has passed since then).

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Make a timeline

So now that you've got your goal and a vision of what it will look like, it's time to break the goal down into smaller parts. This way, you can schedule when each part needs to be completed so everything comes together in a timely manner.

To do this, start by using a calendar—the kind where you have colored paper with dates on it and write things like "lunch" or "teeth cleaning" or "bills." A lot of people think calendars are just for keeping track of birthdays and holidays, but they're actually great for managing your time and making sure everything gets done!

Next up: break down your goal into manageable chunks (like six months) with easy-to-follow steps that move from point A to point B without skipping anything important along the way (like going from having no money in savings account balance). Then use this breakdown as inspiration when creating timelines for each step within those chunks.

Give yourself a deadline

The next step is to give yourself a deadline.

You may be tempted to skip this step, thinking that it will put pressure on you and make your goal seem more difficult—but that’s the opposite of what happens! When you don't give yourself enough time to achieve your goal, it can feel impossible or even less important.

When setting a deadline for yourself, try asking yourself: “When do I need to have this done by? How much time do I have available? Am I going to work on this during my free time over the next week or so? Or am I going to dedicate my weekends and evenings toward making sure this gets done quickly?"

Manifestation journal

Manifesting in this way can help you achieve your goal within a certain time frame.

In this way, manifesting on paper can help you achieve your goal within a certain time frame. The goal is to get the job done, make the money, be happy and successful or whatever it may be! It’s all about getting things done in a timely manner so that we can move on with our lives and continue to grow as individuals.

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Well, that’s it! Manifesting isn’t hard, but it can be tricky. The key is to stay focused and persistent. If you work hard enough on your goal, you will achieve it!