Deb Dutta

How to use instagram reels to increase engagement

Grow your business
Aug 8th 2022

Reels are becoming increasingly popular and Instagram’s algorithm has been pushing videos/reels on the explore pages. If you are using Instagram as one of your main sources of social media platforms, Reels is an amazing way to increase your engagement, gain more followers, and to promote your business.‍

Here’s how to make an engaging reel:

Use a short clip

Use a video clip that is high in quality and make sure it is around 7-10 seconds long. Shorter videos make it easier to loop which means more views and screen time on your video.‍

One way to find a trending sound is going on the explore page and going through the reels. Trending sounds have an arrow next to their sound name, not a musical note. Make sure when looking through the explore page you see a right upward facing arrow as opposed to a musical note.

Put text over your video

Use text that pertains to your business. Don’t just sell your product, but tell a story. In your text either provide a solution, share something relatable, or share something of value. Since Instagram is saturated with many businesses and growing platforms, providing your audience with a solution for your brand will make your business stand out. Sharing content that is valuable and relatable to your audience and business is what is going to draw people towards your account.

This is the time to use social media to help grow your business! Start utilizing reels to increase traffic towards your social media platforms!