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Criya University
Oct 18th 2022

Are you thinking about selling your digital product on Etsy? OR offering your design services on Upwork? STOP! You've found the right place here at Criya. We have the resources, team and all the tools you need - on one platform.

Every creator today is thinking about monetizing. There are many ways to monetize your skills (podcast, blog, online services, or coaching). I'll walk you through the most popular methods and give you an idea of when to use each. But first, where do you begin?

Creators today use a variety of tools - some use 20+ tools just to keep their business or side hustle afloat. Canva for templates, Mailchimp for email marketing, Blogs for SEO, Linktree for funnels, Gmail for emails, Drive for storing assets, Calendly for booking appointments. The list goes on. The costs add up. Soon, creators spend 5-10x more on tools, than the revenue they earn from their content & services.

Link in bio Stores for Creators on Criya

Monetize your ebooks, templates, appointments, services from one place - your mobile-ready Criya store. Replace Linktree and other Link in bio tools to really start turning your visitors into customers!

Let's talk digital products

Ever thought about what ALL you can earn passive income from? Here's just a starter list to add to your store.

  • Your content - Ebooks, Courses, Playlists, PDF guides, Media kits
  • Your templates - Canva templates, Google forms
  • Your Adobe lightroom presets

Everything you've ever created, used, shared - is something someone else can benefit from. Don't let it go to waste - add them to your store.


Either use them as lead magnets, by offering them as free downloads, in exchange for a follower joining your email list.

Or sell them! Digital goods sell for anywhere from $0.99 to $6,000+ for courses.

Let's talk Services and Appointment bookings

Time is money! Every time you've had to email a client to follow up on bookings, creating proposals in Google docs, searching your emails to see what your last deliverable was, find your contracts... the list goes on... you're losing money. You could be spending that time booking more clients - or honestly, just taking a break and enjoying the sun in your patio!


  • Offer Bookable services - from graphic design, social media coaching, SEO and ghostwriting and more. All in 5 minutes.
  • Offer Paid appointments - from consultations, coaching classes to bridal makeup, 1-1 yoga sessions - synched to your Google calendar. All in 5 minutes.

READY TO GO? Here's quick takeaways:

Create your store in minutes
Sell anything - digital products, appointments, services
Branded checkout and order confirmations
Collect emails and grow your list through your store.

Your new virtual storefront is just a few clicks away

Capture more sales by sharing your store everywhere!<yourusername>


Here's 9 different niches to choose from: Interior designers, Content creators, Coaches & Consultants, Social media marketers, Fitness instructors and 4 more - love Criya. See what they do, and you can make it your own!