Deb Dutta

Tell me about Criya

Female Founder Secrets
Jul 25th 2022

Hear from the CEO, Deb Dutta, on how Criya came to be and what it has come to. Learn the history of Criya and how it became a leading service platform for women to start pursuing financial freedom.

  1. A Platform For Women Founded by a Woman
    Criya is a platform for creative women who have a service to provide to other people. It started out with Criya Founder, Deb Dutta, who used her platform as an interior designer influencer to provide a service to homeowners. As a Southeast Asian woman trailblazing technology, climbing corporate ladders, and becoming an entrepreneur, Deb has paved a way for other women creators, influencers, and service providers to monetize their business.
  2. Monetizing Solopreneur’s Gifts and Talents to Reach Financial Independence
    If you have a gift or talent to share with the world, Criya provides a way for you to finally gain financial freedom. Criya is a platform for you to service whatever you do; whether it be coaching, consulting, designing, creating, etc. If you want to monetize what you love to do, Criya helps those searching for an easy platform to start making their small business and side hustles into sustaining careers!
  3. One Vision Births Another
    Criya was born out of Deb’s first vision called RoomPlays. RoomPlays was Deb’s way of using her interior designer influence to help homeowners with their space to create a functional and beautiful home. It became a service platform Deb started to offer to other interior designers. It soon became Criya where anyone offering some sort of service can monetize what they do. When Deb initially started offering services, within the first day of launch, she already had 50+ bookings.
  4. One Stop Stop
    “Criya is a one stop shop that sets up service providers (fitness coach, makeup artist, interior designer, henna artists, etc.) with a mobile ready store front, pre-made templates to offer your services. Behind the scenes, Criya takes care of everything else (payments, bookings and schedulings, contracts, etc.)” - Deb Dutta
    Criya allows you to be a creative, focusing on your craft, while Criya handles the manual tasks to make sure running your business is as easy as possible. At Ctriya, we understand how hard it is to manage everything when you are a solopreneur.  Our goal is to help alleviate the added tasks asked of you, so you can focus on your services!
  5. Started with a Woman and Building Her Dream Team
    As a first generation immigrant coming from India, Deb had a dream she was pursuing and in doing so, she started to pave a way for women entrepreneurs. In starting Criya and building her team, Deb mentioned how hard the company’s birthing stages were due to lack of resource, influence, and women representation. Through courage and resilience, Deb started investing into her vision which opened a pool of people increasing her network. Through increasing her network, she found many like minded people who have similar passions and missions to help build a company like Criya. It all started with a woman who had a dream and her resilience to her vision helped others buy into the overall vision of Criya!