Deb Dutta

4 Tips to grow your business on social media

Grow your business
Jul 9th 2022

Social Media has changed the marketing landscape for businesses. It is a way to showcase your business’s message, interact with your audience, and be creative! Today we wanted to share with you our top tips to utilize social media to grow your business!

  1. Be Consistent
    It is so important to be consistent with your social media! Making sure to stay relevant on your audience’s feed is key in growing your business. In your postings, being consistent on your feeds, layouts, messages, themes, verbage, and creativity, makes your business a lot more relatable and personal. Your audience will get a better understanding of your business when there is consistency!
  2. Be Relational
    There are a lot of problems out there and people are looking for answers. In whatever your business offers, make your content relatable to the appropriate audience you serve. Making posts that can speak towards people’s situations allows your business to be a lot more intentional and relational with your followers. In essence, no matter what service you provide or business venture you serve, creating a community for your clients to feel connected with will help grow your business! For example, creating a reels on instagram with a call to action to your business:  “If (insert the problem of your clientele) …Then follow us @_____ to learn more”
  3. Direct Your Traffic
    Use your social media platforms! If you post on one platform (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), direct your followers to check out your other pages. For instance, when you post a “viral” Tik Tok for your business, followers usually tend to search your profile and are directed to other social media pages to learn more about your business. Syncing your social media platforms and directing your followers to look at your other accounts are a great way to increase your engagement, insights, and business. Plug your other social media handles in either the posts or in the captions.
  4. Use Trending Sounds & Hashtags
    Utilizing trending sounds and hashtags are a great way to grow your account! It allows for your posts to be on explore pages on different social media platforms which helps bring in new people to your account. It also allows your specific targeted audience to see your posts when you’re able to use hashtags according to your business niche. For example, if you are a makeup artist, using popular hashtags within the niche will help generate more traffic to your posts! With trending sounds, make a video incorporating your business with whatever posts are currently trending!