Deb Dutta

What is Criya?

Criya University
Apr 3rd 2022

As we begin this transition to our new platform, there is one question that everyone is asking: What exactly is Criya?


Message from Deb (Founder & CEO, Criya)

​​As a first-generation immigrant woman, I never felt my Creative side could ever become my livelihood. While hustling at my day job in tech, I moonlighted for 8 years as a creator and grew to 150K followers, partnering with Top brands like Revolve, Abercrombie, Target, Urban Decay and more. However, constantly updating my website, Rate card, Services and the overwhelming hassle of managing money, projects & business ownership drove me nuts.

I built Criya (fka RoomPlays) after 1000s of my followers reached out to me for advice, and I wanted to find an effective way to monetize the leads. With Criya, my dream is to make it SO easy for busy creatives to launch their Independent businesses.

At Criya, we are reimagining how 50M+ creators monetize their talent. The creator economy suffers from the 99:1 problem - only the top 1% make the most money from brand endorsements, while the remaining 99% struggle to make a recurring income. We are here to empower the 99% of talented and passionate creators globally, with the opportunity to turn their passion, into a livelihood.

Criya is simple: All-in-one studio for creators who want to monetize their talent! We have created an online platform that allows influencers and creative professionals to elevate their side hustle and hobbies into a full-scale business. Even if you already have an established brand, Criya helps take you to the next level. We help you save time by keeping track of all your projects in one place, allowing you to focus on doing what you love.

Visualize your Studio

When you sign up for Criya, you begin by creating your studio website. You can create an interactive website that becomes your stunning showroom to entice, convert & manage your  current and potential clients. This one-stop showroom acts as a back-office for booking leads, accepting payments, managing projects & relationships, and scheduling communications.


Your portfolio is a visual interactive gallery that exhibits your best work and projects for your clients to browse through. You can connect all of your social media directly to your portfolio!

Everything we do is designed and built to invite attention to your brand, book your services and monetize with ease.

Bookable Services

Criya also facilitates the entire booking process in one simple platform. You are able to easily create packages, schedule appointments, and get booked from all over the world. Criya makes it possible for you to expand your client list globally. These bookable services are customizable to your preferences, where you can provide a variety of packages for your clients. You will have the option to include custom proposals and custom hourly rates to accommodate the broad needs of your business.

Manage your Payments

The pandemic has created the need for most businesses to make online payments securely while being super easy! Never follow up on payment again! Criya leaves invoicing in the past, allowing you to receive your payments in advance, with no hassle. Clients pay directly at booking, and Criya will automatically send invoices and collect balances. Additionally, Criya makes collecting deposits easier than ever.

What are you waiting for???  Sign up today on Criya and launch the brand of your dreams! We can't wait to see you succeed and make the bucks!!! We are here to support you for all your business needs. Drop us an email at with any of your queries.