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"I use Criya both as a storefront as well as manage all my backoffice and admin processes. I love the storefront to offer my hourly packages, and for my regular clients I create custom coaching plans. Not just that, having the service templates, Email templates, automated reminders, built in contract signing and collecting payments... are you kidding?! Its completely changed how I work! And that too its all setup in a few clicks - I'm hooked! Thanks for transforming my business Criya!"‍ - VICTORIA, Social Media Coach
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Lead capture

Contact Form: My Criya studio also has a Contact Form - and it is embedded in my website that brings people in. It's super powerful because as soon as they fill the Inquiry form, they're already in my Criya system as a new Lead. Even before we get in touch with the potential client. I know all about them and their requirements, and makes it a lot easier for me to win the client over".

Schedule a Call: I offer a 15-min FREE consultation (through my Criya studio) that lets my leads schedule time to meet with me.

Link-in-bio: I love Criya's mobile-friendly linktree like Storefront that I share across all my social media channels to early convert those DMs into leads.

Email list builder: All of these new leads automatically get added into my Email list !

Filtering the leads: Luckily I list my popular services with price points, so anyone booking my time already knows if we are a fit in terms of budget.


Booking & Getting Paid

Booking a Service: After an initial discussion, I propose my hourly rate and recommend one of my hourly packages or if the client needs something custom, I create a Proposal rate. Once they agree on the service, they can grab the date and place the booking.

Appointment Scheduling: The nice part about the Studio is they can select one of my services to see when I'm available ! If I'm not, they know not to bother me!

Templates: I love how everything comes in a template that I can easily fill - makes it super easy for the Client to read, instead of a long website or landing page. Also love the What's Included list that clearly articulates what I offer along with simple terms of the engagement.

Proposal: For creating a custom proposal, where I likely offer a discounted rate for booking multiple hours- its literally a 30 sec effort - simply use the same flow to create a service, but I can keep it private and send it over securely to my client to review and pay.

Deposits: The BEST part is how easily I can collect Deposits to accommodate those No-Shows. This way at least I'm not chasing after clients to get paid before or after the engagement.

Built-in Payments: Whether its a partial deposit and 100% payment - having it all combined with the single booking flow (both for private proposals and regular services) - This has saved me hours of effort, time and follow ups! It also helps me show up professionally, minimizing the effort my clients need to put into the booking and payment process.

Communication: Once the client signs the contract (either vi private proposal or a regular service), and the deposit is collected - they automatically receive a Confirmation + Onboarding email.


Automations & Workflows

Automated Emails: My favorite part about using Criya is that so many workflows are already ready-built into the system. For eg: I can pre-set what Emails should go out when someone reaches out for an inquiry vs when someone books a service. I can add links to my Google onboarding forms or Dropbox where I want them to drop any information that would be relevant for our engagement.

Sign Contracts with Payments: The nice part is how easily I can connect my Contracts, request signatures and setup Deposits and collect payments all in one single flow. This has been a game changer for me - no back and forth, separate emails for contracts etc.

Reminders & Follow ups: For appointments, my biggest time-suck used to be sending reminders. Luckily Criya already has 24 hr, 48 hr and even 1 week reminders setup so I don't have to manually remind the client to show up to our appointment.

Quick Invoices: For many of my projects, I like to collect a retainer - and send an invoice after the service is completed. And I used to forget who I needed to invoice, and how much... but now, Its all right there!! I can easily pull up a project - and Criya auto-calculates the outstanding balance. I simply hit a button and it generates the invoice and sends it to the client to easily make online payments.

Client management: I've saved so much time - its a game changer! All my orders are in one spot - and I can easily update an order with the latest status automatically or manually, depending on my preference. So if a client pays online, and pays the remainder in person - I can just mark as complete. If they want to be invoiced online - I can easily do that too. Its all built in to Criya, takes all my guess work away and has seriously saved me hours of time, effort, money and really made my life so much better!

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