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It's like having 1000 marketers create polished materials, except

Criya AI generates your collateral in seconds instead of days.

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Seconds vs Days

With a little bit of information, Criya AI will Design & Author. You simply edit.

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Everything is On Brand

Generate stunning, concise, focused material. Exactly what your decision makers want.

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Save money, like $100,000s

Never again feel like you need a marketing team or 3rd party designers.

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Safe, Secure AI

Get the power of AI in a 100% private and secure environment.

1. Criya AI designs & authors with your docs

Upload your Notes and Docs.

Think blog posts, written notes, PDFs. Structured, written content works best.

2. Customize the Template

Setup the structure and let Criya AI create the first draft.

Choose one of our templates OR make your own with 5-6 sections. Criya AI will turn that into an attractive, on-brand, perfectly designed, editable asset.

3. Ready-to-edit On-brand Collateral

Edit the generated content and done! Save HOURS and $1000s.

On-brand collateral, ready to be cleaned up. Upload your images where applicable, refine the text to better serve your audience, and share within minutes!

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