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Coaching Kickstarter

August 25, 2023

2 weeks

Launch your coaching business in just 2 weeks. During this hands-on program, we will help you set up everything you need to build an offering and sell your offering.
LinkedIn Accelerator

November 3, 2023

2 weeks

Accelerate your social presence in just 4 weeks. You'll walk away with everything you need to build a content strategy for high-quality leads, implementation plan, and an accountability group allowing you to amplify your reach.


Adyasha Mohapatra / Product at Walmart

The Accelerator has been instrumental for me and helped to land on my first opportunity in the US at Walmart without ever formally applying - the power of networking and connecting with leaders for mentorship via Criya.

Sowmya Hariharan/ Career Coach

The Coaching certification had great takeaways. Not only am I eager to get started, but also share back on the incredibly successful outcomes I am confident about, because of the highly actionable nuggets of knowledge I learned today.

Hiral Shah/ Startup Advisor

Prior to the Accelerator I has content, Structure and stories but this accelerator helped me structure it directly and market myself on socials. It also helped me build a network of other experts was such a plus! I recommend every leader to go through this program.

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