Digital Contracts

Protect your business with a contractual agreement with your client - built right into Criya

1. Create a Contract (in seconds)

From the Contracts menu, you can simply copy/paste your existing contract and save it in your folder. You can create as many contracts as you like for different types of services.

2. Contracts Library

If you're just getting started, access our Contracts library to copy/paste a sample standard contract template suitable for your business, and edit the custom fields with your business information.

3. Link it to your Service(s)

You can associate any contract with a package. Edit / Create a new package, and select the contract from your Drop down to link it.

4.Client: Book -> Digital Signature -> Pay

When the client goes to place a booking, the contract will be presented. They can read & digitally sign the contract right from the booking page, and then make the payment.

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