Automated Responses

Set up automatic and personal emails to be sent to your client as soon as they reach out to you.

1. Create an Email template (in seconds)

From the Email templates menu, you can simply create a  new email- specify a Title, Subject & Body

2. Email Templates Library

If you're just getting started, access our Email templates library to copy/paste a sample email (depending on what you're looking to communicate) and edit the custom fields with your information.

3. Send automatic Email responses

You can specify what email gets sent to a client - at different points in time.

For eg: If you want to send a "Welcome Email" when a client places a booking, you can simply select your Email from the drop down and connect it to the Welcome Email trigger.
Same goes with "Send Inquiry" trigger.

4. Client receives emails

When the client goes to place a booking, the contract will be presented. They can read & digitally sign the contract right from the booking page, and then make the payment.

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