Easily create brand new invoices, save as drafts, add-on items through out the project and auto-send when ready to collect payments.

1. Auto-generate Invoices

Ideally, you wouldn't need to create an invoice when a client books a project. If you collected a deposit and need to secure remaining payment, simply go to your Project page, click "Complete & Send Invoice" - which auto sends the invoice to the client!

2. Create an Invoice

To create a one-off invoice, Simply go to your Projects dashboard and click "Create Invoice". Our  template guides you to enter a base price, itemized list of items & sales tax. You can save as draft or send immediately to the client.

3. Add-ons to Invoice

For some engagements, clients may request add-ons after the project has begun. Simply go to the Project (or the Invoice Draft) and click "Add-Ons" to add single line items. Once ready to get paid, simply click the "Complete & send invoice" button to auto-send the final invoice to client. Client can easily pay by clicking on the Invoice and complete the payment via Stripe.

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