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Business Coaching for Newbies

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Client Welcome Packet

The new client welcome packet is perfect for:
- all service-based businesses
- creatives, designers, copywriters
- consultants and coaches
- virtual assistants, social media managers
- small business owners

- 100% customizable, in your free Canva account
- In Canva, edit the template colors, fonts, images, copy


Content Calendar

Build a consistent content calendar to start posting on social media, blogs and online forums 


Influencer's Bible: Instagram Branding

Founder, CEO & Influencer Deb Dutta's ($1000 value) masterclass, simplified into 4 steps. 

Instagram's grid gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your core value. Use this simple 4 step guide to fix your branding in 24 hours and start powering through your leads.


Media Kit

A curated set of media kits to start nailing those brand collaborations and sponsored engagements


Cold Email Script

How to write the perfect cold email to turn total strangers into paying customers.


Client Call Script

Turn every cold call into an intrigued customer willing to turn their problems over to you for your expertise and time.