The humans behind Criya

At Criya, we are building a world where world-class experts clone their knowledge, personality and everyday responsibilities into their personal AI twins, that will run their business round the clock for them. Because there is more to life than the grind.

Message from the CEO

We are Human. We aspire to have a life of fulfillment, spend time with our loved ones and make memories. While ambition has led to us  incredible heights, both professionally and in our personal lives, it also has led to frustration, jeopardized mental health - and somehow, taken us further away from the life we wish to live.

The more opportunities we embrace, the less Time we have for each. This is physically limiting our ability to scale, and say yes to more - without actually doing more.

80% of the opportunities that arrive at our online profiles go un-tapped, because we simply did not know, capture, engage and/or convert at the time of contact.

Our goal at Criya is to get to the version of you that is not spinning cycles selling yourself on calls, writing emails, sending invoices. Instead dedicate that time to shine -by sharing your knowledge and creatively growing your business... while the "Digital You" takes over everything else for you.


Meet the team

Deboshree Dutta
Founder & CEO
Danis Dayanov
Arjita Sethi

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