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Starter Guide: Entrepreneur CPG Brand Founder Personal Brand Website

January 27, 2024

Here's a suggested structure for a one-page personal brand website for an entrepreneur who runs a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) company:

  1. Header:
    • Section Type: Hero
    • Name, professional title (e.g., Founder & CEO), and a vibrant photo reflecting the spirit of your CPG brand.
  2. Welcome Message:
    • Section Type: Text
    • A warm and engaging welcome message, expressing your passion for consumer goods and your brand's mission.
  3. About Me:
    • Section Type: About Me
    • Provide a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey, highlighting what inspired you to start the CPG company.
  4. CPG Brand Overview:
    • Section Type: Carousel
    • Present an overview of your CPG brand, emphasizing its values, mission, and the unique selling proposition of your products.
  5. Product Portfolio:
    • Section Type: Grid
    • Showcase your key product lines, highlighting their features, benefits, and any unique aspects that set them apart in the market.
  6. Quality and Sustainability:
    • Section Type: Bullet Points
    • Emphasize the quality of your products and any sustainability initiatives or ethical practices that align with your brand values.
  7. Customer Testimonials:
    • Section Type: Testimonials
    • Feature positive testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers to build credibility.
  8. Retail Partnerships:
    • Section Type: Logos
    • Highlight any notable retail partnerships or distribution channels where consumers can find your products.
  9. Brand Story:
    • Section Type: Full Width Image
    • Share the story behind your brand, including its origin, values, and the journey to where it is today.
  10. Blog/Insights:
    • Section Type: List
    • Share blog posts, articles, or insights related to the CPG industry, consumer trends, or your personal experiences as an entrepreneur.
  11. Social Media Integration:
    • Section Type: About Mewith Socials
    • Embed or link to your active social media profiles to showcase your brand's personality and engage with your audience.
  12. Contact Information:
    • Section Type: Text + Media
    • Provide a contact form or details for potential customers, collaborators, or retail partners to get in touch.
  13. LinkedIn Profile:
    • Section Type: About Me
    • Link to your LinkedIn profile for a more comprehensive view of your professional background and connections.
  14. Awards and Recognitions:
    • Section Type: List
    • If applicable, highlight any awards or recognitions your CPG products or company has received.
  15. Call to Action:
    • Section Type: Full Width Image with CTA 
    • Encourage visitors to explore your product offerings, connect with your brand on social media, or inquire about partnerships and collaborations.

Design the website to align with your CPG brand's aesthetics, using visuals and colors that represent your products. Ensure the content conveys the essence of your brand and the entrepreneur behind it.

Deb Dutta

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