Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales

Boost buyer engagement in seconds with AI

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Reduce bottleneck on Marketing

Empower Sales teams to follow up with personalizable marketing assets, increasing speed and efficiency.

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Minutes vs Days

With a little bit of information, empower Marketing teams to seamlessly Design & Author with Criya AI. You simply edit.

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Hot Leads

That dopamine hit - when you know  someone viewed your deck? Pro-actively follow up on hot leads

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Everything Always Looks Great

Generate stunning, concise, focused material. Exactly what your decision makers want.

Your buyer is as busy as you are.

Maximize your buyer's engagement. Accelerate your sales.

Traditional Way

With Criya AI

Generally terrible to read PDFs and PPTs, impossible on mobile.
Impress with  smart, mobile optimized shareable web-accessible information.
Takes countless hours of the team's time to prepare.
Drive engagement by visually surfacing the most important and pressing information.
Hiring more marketers, designers, sales enablement. Spend $100K+
Save that $100K. There's AI for that! Remove bottlenecks, empower your team to move fast.
Create PPT, download, attach, email -> Download, Not mobile ready -> Lost interest.
Seamlessly share web pages with PPT mode and QR Code -> Open mobile -> They Love it!
100s of Emails. 100s of Assets. Buyer frustrated because they can't find what they need.
One-stop Personalized Portal for every buyer, with all relevant links in 1 place = Quick Decisions and signature
Your buyer thinks you're not so great at what you do.
Your buyer thinks they're in good hands and you look like a pro!

Let's make it easy for decision makers to choose you.

Criya reimagines everything by flipping from an archaic sales cycle to a stunning, interactive buyer oriented selling experience.

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Engaging, mobile-optimized web-accessible pages that surfaces the most crucial information for decision makers.

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Avoid delivering a bloated, unfocused deck, proposal or case study that everyone dreads reading.

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Never again present to your buyer. Engage them with interactive, visual, meaningful discussions and get maximum value out of your interactions.

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Thousands of dollars and  hundreds of hours of your team’s time. No designers or marketers needed.

Decision Makers spend 6-7 secs on your pitch


Instantly stand out and make a lasting impression.


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