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Sales Enablement

Digital Sales Room


Customer Success

In a highly competitive market, Criya AI makes your sales team look exceptional. From first pitch to sending proposals, to full blown presentations, get on-brand, interactive and trackable sales collateral in seconds.


Time Saved by Sales Reps


Increase in Buyer Engagement


Happy Sellers

Future of Sales with Criya AI

Watch an in-depth demo on how to create personalized, interactive customer proposals and track engagement, in seconds with AI. The stronger the level of engagement, the more likely a buyer will make a purchasing decision.

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Create like a Pro

AI PAGE BUILDER: Build interactive, visually engaging, mobile ready assets with actions, videos, carousels.

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Design like a Pro

AUTO-DESIGNER: Never again worry about formatting and resizing. On-brand, perfectly designed, out of the box.

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Write like a Pro

AI AUTHOR: Avoid verbose, bulky decks. Our AI authors in your voice and tone, and keeps improving with time

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Sharing & Analytics

Mobile ready. Track every page view. Share links &  QR Codes. Never again "download another PDF"

every asset is a SHAREABLE webpage

Your AI co-pilot, from first pitch to closing the deal

With Criya AI, save hours by effortlessly creating perfectly designed, populated, interactive and shareable assets in seconds. Every asset is both a web page that seamlessly turns into a presentation, and vice versa.

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20 Seconds to Create with AI

Make a stellar impression with Content & Design on auto-pilot, saving you hours each day.

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AI Powered, Visual Collateral

From first pitch to follow ups, add videos, social proof with action buttons to drive engagement, book calls.

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Interactive Digital Sales Room

Consolidate all relevant assets into a Digital Sales Room, shareable via Link & QR Codes, with built-in Analytics.

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Book meetings, Save Contacts & Notes

Built-in scheduler & CRM to easily save contacts. Make notes and follow up easily.

Boost Buyer Confidence in  seconds

Captivate your prospects

Sales Pitches & Proposals generated in seconds
Social Proof with videos, logos, testimonials
Increase conversions with Action Buttons
Book meetings, Tag contacts, Make Notes
Analytics for what's working, what isn't

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