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How to Develop, Market, and Sell Your First Video Course

July 11, 2024

We live in a world where knowledge is power, and the ability to share your expertise has never been more valuable. 

The rise of the creator economy has opened up new avenues for experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to not only showcase their skills but to monetize them. 

Creating offerings such as online courses is now more than just selling a product. It is a strategic move to establish your authority, expand your reach, and generate passive income.

The Rise in Popularity of Video Courses

Traditionally courses and other education services were limited to the confines of classrooms. But with the emergence of new technology supporting the creator economy, a totally new landscape for learning has emerged. Creators and experts can now easily reach global audiences with their video courses. 

As video courses become popular and grow in demand there is also an increasing demand for personalized and flexible learning options. 

For knowledge entrepreneurs this is a gold mine of opportunities. Many experts are now coming to this very realization and launching their very own video courses.

In this article we will explore how an expert with no past experience can develop, sell, and market their very own video course.

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Developing A Video Course

At first the idea of developing a video course from scratch can seem like a daunting task. But rest assured that with the right approach it can be a manageable process.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to get started:

Picking A Topic/Niche:

Begin by choosing a specific focus or area of expertise for your course. It's more effective to build your video course around a subject you're already familiar with, instead of starting from scratch with a new topic.

For instance, if you're an experienced SEO consultant, you are probably well aware of the challenges that your clients typically face. This familiarity and your existing knowledge about the topic offers you a wealth of content that can be easily repurposed for your course.

Define The Learning Outcomes:

It is important to define what you want your students to learn or achieve from the course. Defining the outcomes will guide your content creation process and help ensure that your course is focused and valuable.

Choose The Right Structure and Format:

Organize your course into logical sections or modules. Each module should cover a specific topic and build upon the previous one. Having structure will help keep the course coherent and makes it easier for learners to follow.

When it comes to delivering content there are many options to pick from. Your course can be offered as lectures, screencasts, interviews, or even animated explanations. It is best to experiment with various formats to see what works best for you and to keep the learners engaged.

Selling A Video Course

Once you have developed your course, the next step is to sell your course. 

Choose The Right Platform:

Choosing the right platform to host and sell your course is the most important part of your selling strategy. Numerous platforms cater to experts looking to host and monetize their courses. When choosing, consider aspects like pricing, user-friendliness, audience reach, marketing capabilities, integrations, and customer support offered by the platform.

Many existing platforms provide a mix of these features, so it's important to have a clear understanding of your specific needs and objectives before making a decision.

Alternatively many experts build their own websites via Wordpress and similar platforms. This does require the technical skills to integrate external plugins to host video courses and to set up the payment infrastructure. If you are new to video courses and want a simpler option we would recommend selecting a well rounded platform that can best serve your needs. 

At Criya we offer our users the ability to create and monetize video courses with ease. Users can create an unlimited number of video courses, generate dedicated product pages for each course, build a public course outline, automate follow up emails, and monetize their content.

Offer a Sample or Free Mini-Course:

Give away a portion of your course for free to entice learners to purchase the full course. This builds trust and shows the value of your content.

Continuous Engagement:

Once you have launched your course make sure to continue engaging with your students even after they have enrolled. This can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and a loyal student base for future courses.

By following these steps, you can transform your expertise into a profitable venture. Remember, the key to a successful video course lies in its ability to educate, engage, and provide value to your audience. With the right strategies, your course can not only be a sustainable source of income but also establish you as an authority in your field.

Marketing A Video Course

Just like any other product or service, marketing your video courses is a crucial part of its success.The goal here is not to just reach a large audience but to reach the right audience that can find value from what you have to provide. Here are some effective strategies to market your course. 

Leverage Social Media and Content Marketing:

Utilize your existing social media channels to market your course effectively. Focus on creating captivating content related to your course's topic, ensuring it also tackles the specific challenges of your target audience. Emphasize the advantages of your course in every post you share and explore different forms of content to discover what works best. 

At Criya we offer various social media features that are powered by AI to make the content creation process easy. With the help of our tools you will be able to create social media posts, carousels, and newsletters in no time.

Webinars and Live Sessions:

Hosting free webinars or live Q&A sessions on topics related to your course can attract potential students and give them a taste of what your course offers. Hosting webinars also gives you the opportunity to repurpose them for your courses. 

To host a webinar we would recommend using a platform that can help you manage the event. With a platform like Criya you can easily host a webinar by creating a group session. This will make it easy for you to stay organized, manage all the sign ups, collect email addresses, and automate confirmation emails.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

Collaborate with other experts or influencers in your niche by building shared content, co hosting podcasts, and cross posting articles on your website. This can help you tap into their audience base and gain credibility.

How Criya Can Help You

Criya is a comprehensive and well rounded platform for experts who are looking to monetize their knowledge via video courses. 

Unlike many other platforms Criya is highly intuitive and can be set up very easily making it a great choice for first time course creators. 

Additionally the platform offers a wide range of features such as the ability to create a range of products and services, a dedicated website, analytics, built in CRM, email marketing, and a personalized AI bot. 

So whether you're a budding course creator or an experienced consultant, Criya is equipped to meet your needs effectively. 

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